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Why would you consider a pay cut, let alone not get hired for it?

This is probably the first question that popped into your head. We all work hard at our jobs no matter the position, we learn, grow in our field and hope to become the best at it. After all that hard work why would you consider anything less? However, certain circumstances may call for a pay cut. For example, you may want experience in a field you have not worked in, this may require you to come in at entry level.

You are here to find out why you’re most probably not getting hired, here are a few reasons why:

1. Overqualified

The fear employers have with hiring an overqualified individual is that they believe the individual will leave once a better paying job comes along. This is an opportunity to make mention of this and also discuss job progression, pay increase alongside KPI’s. This demonstrates that you are eager to progress in the company and earn more!

2. No Passion

One of the very reasons you may decide to take a pay cut is that you are passionate about taking on this new role, joining this organisation or entering into this industry. Your interview or cover letter is a time for you to showcase that passion.

I have always been passionate about working for a gender-focused, not for profit origination, however, it can be quite difficult to get a senior role with no previous experience in the industry even if you have the skills. Despite having no previous paid experience in the industry, I demonstrated my passion by discussing how I have dedicated time to volunteering, spoke about key changes happening in the industry and made mention of a campaign that has strongly impacted the movement the organisation is driving. With no surprise, I got the job!

3. You do a poor job of selling yourself

There was some research by the business social networking service  which found that women do not promote themselves as much as men on Linkedin – and it’s costing them jobs as a result. The questions are if this research is correct and we are struggling to promote ourselves online, then how much more offline in front of our potential employer?

Before going to an interview make a list of all your strong points not just what you have achieved in your job but also your interpersonal skills. Are you a strong negotiator? share examples of when you have always negotiated better deals for yourself, whether it be in the workplace, the vintage market or with a friend. Start off with saying “I am completely amazing at ….”, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying your truth, you’re not being modest when you hold back, you are being timid.

These are just a few reasons why you may not be getting hired despite the pay cut, have you considered jazzing up your cover letter?



Elizabeth is a Brands and Communications specialist with a passion to support females in reaching their full potential.

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