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There are many ways in which we influence people. It may be a bad influence or a good influence. We do try to maintain good influences through the things we say and do. You may feel like you’re constantly asking yourself, How do I look to others? How do I sound to others? These questions you should ask. Before you know it you may just be a leader, an influence to many people and sometimes you don’t even realise it. We shouldn’t care what others think but we should care about the person looking back at us in the mirror.

In a work environment, these are 3 ways to become more influential:

#1 I’m starting with the girl in the mirror!

I mean Michael Jackson started with the man. Do you remember when you were applying for the job and that question came up about your strengths and weaknesses? Did you work on those weaknesses? Do you still have that strength? Have you found a new strength? I know, so many questions but it gets you thinking. The way you can be influential is by maintaining and obtaining new strengths. You not only inspire yourself but others to show that there is no limit to how many strengths you can have. Even when you did have weaknesses you managed to turn it around. We are not perfect but it shows with practice and determination we can grow and develop as individuals. It shows that it is possible. Once people see that they will follow.

#2 “It’s just emotions taking me over.”

Destiny’s child did sing it best! It is easy for you to get caught up in your emotions. It is also easy for you to forget it at the door when you enter work. YOU SHOULDN’T. We are not robots, we are human beings. You get nowhere by being heartless. I mean maybe you do get somewhere but then you look around and it gets kind of lonely. Emotions don’t make you weak, they actually make you stronger. Sympathizing with others, acknowledging your own feelings – they need to be heard because eventually, they burst out anyway. The more you show people you care the more they respect you. Sure there are people that come out with the craziest excuses but that in itself is a cry for help. Be the BeyoncĂ©, take lead and let it sore.

#3 ‘I’m gonna take it now. Step by step, bit by bit, stone by stone.”

Whitney knew how to put it! We’ve all worked hard to get to where we are. Whether it’s to be a good student, parent, employee, there is nothing wrong with giving others a hand. You may be one to say that you worked hard without anyone helping, and by allowing others to go through the same experiences it will teach them independence and not rely on other people. Sure that is correct however you can be a huge influence by taking the step in helping even when you don’t have to or think you shouldn’t. It just shows that there are still people in this world that are willing to give a hand. We all need one at some point. There are many leaders, influential people that have come on this earth not just giving one person a hand but millions and it still affects us today. Be that person that effects someone’s life for generations. You don’t know what you can say or do that will lead to something positive and you can turn away proud of yourself and the person that was willing to take your hand.

Just do your thing. We all connect and look up to people for various reasons. No matter the age we all take something from one another. That influence doesn’t just affect people at work but they take it with them at home too. Go to work and specifically look out for that one employee that influences you and ask yourself why. Then you can see how much you can impact someone.

Amani Henry

Amani Henry

Amani is a Photographer and Media Specialist. She has worked in London and Canada managing and leading teams within Film and Media. Amani has a passion for sharing positivity and expressing herself to help others. She often has people call her Gucci and Prada!

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