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Starting a new job is not the easiest. You are full of nerves and wondering whether you are going to do a good job. You’ve put yourself out there and now you have been chosen. For some they are confident in themselves and what they have to offer, but what if you’re not. It doesn’t mean you’re not capable to do that work it just means you don’t want to mess up. For me starting a new job is a challenge, that I’m willing to face. The reason for that is because after the applications and interviews someone said yes. They want me and that says a lot about who you are. Not that you’re better than anyone else because to be honest we all learn and grow in different ways. We gain skills everywhere but it’s about this time. This time is your time to be where you are. We all have different paths and right now is starting that new job. It doesn’t matter if this is your first step in your career or whether you are 5 years in, we all face these kind of issues.

Here are 5 tips on starting a new job:

Live Up To What You Wrote

You spend a lot of time putting your CV together and writing a cover letter to grab the employer’s attention. Everything you put in is not only to impress but to show what you are capable of. Employers have to go through many applications and out of all of them you have been hired. You made that first impression worth taking through all the next steps to finally get you in the door. The last thing you want to do is let them down. Make sure that everything you wrote, you’re able to deliver right in front of their eyes. Don’t let them think that you lied on your application! It’s important you live up to what you wrote because they will feel confident in their decision in choosing you.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your dream job or a job to pass you by.

Be On Time

There are many things you’ll be relied on to do and being on time is definitely one of them! If you are late you are letting everyone down, whether its co-workers, managers, clients, customers they are all expecting you from the time you said you would be there or scheduled to be there. You made a commitment and it needs to be met, it’s understandable if legitimate reasons come up as to why you are late. There are many things that we can’t control, but for the things, we can control like pressing that snooze button again and again. Move the time up on your alarm and do that. At least then you’ll make it on time, time is of the essence!


Employers really want to see your enthusiasm. During the recruitment process that was shown and has led you to your job, however, it needs to be maintained. As now you are actually doing the role! At times it can be difficult depending on what arises during your shift but if you can show you can push through it that’s even more impressive. Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere. What you need is a solution to whatever the problem may be. Solutions get you results, be excited and full of energy. If you’re struggling locate your closet coffee shop or buy a coffee machine!


When applying for a job we all know what we are applying for. It could be a cashier assistant, manager or photographer. You may know how to do the job with some experience and you’ve read about what the company would like from you but how much do you know about them? Gain more knowledge of the company and look into previous work. Think of ideas you can portray. In order for you to have a smooth working experience knowledge is the key.

I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time. – Anna Freud

What’s your experience with having a new job? share in the comment section, I’d love to know

Amani Henry

Amani Henry

Amani is a Photographer and Media Specialist. She has worked in London and Canada managing and leading teams within Film and Media. Amani has a passion for sharing positivity and expressing herself to help others. She often has people call her Gucci and Prada!

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