5 simple ways to becoming a great team player

To be a great team player does not mean you take on all the work and relish the chance to stand out. It’s mostly about making a contribution to the overall outcome of the task at hand. Employers not only want to know if you can use your initiative and thrive independently but that you are also able to work in a team. Teamwork can be difficult but it can also be a great opportunity to develop relations and make connections.

Here are my top tips on how to become a great team player:


Be someone people can count on. Manage your time wisely to get the job done to a quality standard and meet deadlines in a consistent manner. If you are late for a meeting, make sure you let your team-mates know in advance so they can prepare in your absence. This is going to help you develop positive relationships with your team mates.


Not everything will go ahead as planned. As a group be flexible to adapt to a change in circumstance. Don’t freak out, waiting for someone else to come up with a solution. Actively come up with positive thoughts to persevere and power through.


Communicate your ideas in a respectful manner. Listen to what other people have to say because they may offer a different perspective you may not have considered.


Within a team recognise different people’s strength and weaknesses. You are all in it together so make the most of it.

Get involved

Do not just do your fair share of the work load. In order to succeed, commit to the task at hand and give it your all. Go above and beyond for your group so you can reap the benefits after.



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