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Spring is an exciting time because the weather is finally getting warmer and summer is on its way! Spring can also be a confusing time for skin because one day it can be cold and rainy while the next will be hot and humid.

Below we share with you 5 tips to help your skin this spring:

#1 Hydrate

After sitting inside all winter, indoor heating can suck the life out of hair and skin. Use an overnight hydrating mask to help replenish skin and wake up looking more glowy and healthy. Also use a hydrating hair mask once a week to bring life back to strands. For a DIY mask mix together an avocado and olive oil and leave on strands for 5-10 minutes.

#2 Blot

For those humid and hot days we like to keep blotting papers and mattifying powder in our bags at all times. We like to buy a travel powder brush to apply the powder easily. Get a cute cosmetics case to store it all in to it is easily reachable in times of need.

#3 Makeup

Most makeup brands come out with the newest spring trends at this time so stop inside your local store and see what the new trends are and play around and find a new look!

#4 Hair

To wake up with wavy hair without using heat try braiding damp hair at night and releasing in the morning. 2 Big braids will create bigger waves while multiple smaller braids will create a more mermaid like vibe. Pair with your favorite bohemian top and you are all set.

#5 Nails

Keep nails healthy for the many manicures ahead by rubbing on cuticle oil multiple times a day, using hand lotion, and always using a base coat when painting nails. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on the backs of hands since this is where the first signs of aging show up first.

What are your favourite Skin Care tips to help prepare you for Spring?

Written by Channing Couture

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