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We are all guilty of putting our creativity on a shelf from time to time. Life gets busy and we believe we can’t find the time, energy or resources to fit it around our professional or home lives. With creative hobbies playing just as big a part in our health and wellbeing as sporting hobbies, it’s important not to neglect them.

So if you’re struggling to be inspired, read on for a list of hobbies you should take up now in order to become more productive.

Become a Pen Pal

Although this may sound like something typically linked with your childhood, pen palling is still very much alive and a brilliant, perhaps forgotten way to connect with people.

There are lots of sites out there right now dedicated to helping you find pen pal’s from all across the globe. The idea is that you both make a friend from another part of the world, keep them up to date with your life and you can even send each other gifts from your home country as small trinkets.

Start a Book Club

A great idea for anybody that loves reading, socialising and communicating, it has never been easier to start your own book club. Whether you and your friends use this as an excuse to commit to a meet up every month or you use this is a way to meet new people and socialise, the benefits are endless.

If you are have limited funds and/or limited free time, meeting with a group fortnightly or monthly to discuss your passion is a great way to continue reading and express your opinions and thoughts in a fun group of likeminded people.


Scrapbooking is a great way to make use of all of your old memorabilia and create a space to showcase all of your memories. This practice also helps you to reflect on your past experiences and plan for the future. It allows you to be as creative as you want with your pages and theme and there are lots of sites out there with beautiful crafting tips to get you started.

Scrapbooks make a great gift for those close to you to capture a moment in time or as an extended project for yourself. This will help you to be proactive in collecting keepsakes and stops your memories and photos collecting dust in a box.

Upcycling Old Items

Upcycling is one of those great hobbies that saves you money and flexes your creative muscles. Before having a clear out of old clothes or items in your home, thinking about how you can upcycle and re-introduce them into your life allows you to concentrate on the things you already have.

Great for enthusiastic arts and crafters, fashion lovers and a great hobby to get others involved in, upcycling can transform your wardrobe and add exciting items to your home.


Journaling can take any form: a sentence that sums up your day; an entry in the morning addressing what goals you would like to achieve throughout the day or a typical evening entry detailing your thoughts and actions in a paragraph or two.

Journaling has lots of benefits, not only is it a great way to remind yourself of all that you have done and how lucky you are, for those that struggle to sleep at night, writing in a diary and getting those thoughts out onto paper can clear the restless mind, allowing a more restful night’s sleep.

What creative hobbies help your health & wellbeing?

Written by Katie Evans

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