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You couldn’t sleep, you slept through your alarm and you missed your train. What you really want is a hug, a girly movie and a glass of wine, but unfortunately you live in a capitalist society and instead you’ve got to endure the office for 8 hours.. It’s enough to put anyone in a bad mood…However, just because you have entered a bad mood, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in it. A ‘mood’ is just that: a wishy wash thing that doesn’t have any material substance. Escaping a mood is well within your power and control.

You just need to know how! Here’s 5 ways to turn around your mood at work.

1) Remember one bad event doesn’t mean your whole day will be bad

Our brains are great and everything, but they have a tendency to be lazy and group events together. For example one bad event (i.e being late for work), becomes exaggerated so that you think the whole day will be bad. In reality, you can easily make up half an hour in your lunch break. Also, if the work gets done before the deadline then does it really matter that much?

If you arrive at the office late, covered in rain and sleep deprived then don’t rush into the office declaring what a victim of the world you are. Instead, walk into the bathroom, fix your hair and makeup, and walk into the office in the same way you would if you had been on time. Don’t let a missed 30 minutes make the whole day unproductive.

2) Go for a walk

Funny how bad moods often coincide with lack of sleep, time of the month and alcohol, right? Your bad mood can often feel like it comes from the grey-tinted outside world, but in reality it comes from you and your body.

A bad mood can be a way of our body telling us that we are not looking after it properly. So the first step to avoiding bad moods is to look after yourself properly. However, if you really did have to stay up till 2am on a work night guzzling tequila, then try and rectify the problem by doing some amount of good for your body. Going for a speedy walk can be a great way to quickly grab some much needed endorphins.

3) Talk to a friend/ anyone

I’m an extrovert, however when I’m in a bad mood (and don’t feel myself) I can get very quiet. When someone I’m friends with/know, decides to chat away to me despite my bad mood, I always find myself feeling a lot better. Joining a conversation will make you feel a bit more you, and less like a victim.

If you really don’t get on with your colleagues, then call a friend on your lunch break. That’s what they are there for.

4) Have a treat

I’m against gorging on junk food as a solution to a bad mood, but a nice lunch or a chocolate bar is not going to make you fat. If you really are having a bad day, then cut yourself some slack and have a little treat. It will help you remember all the enjoyable things in life and distract you from your bad day.

I’m a firm believer in moderation, so don’t feel bad for a little pick-me-up

5) Plan something nice

Having something to look forward to can be a great way to alleviate the bad mood. Feeling impulsive? Book tickets to a show after work. Text round your friends and see if anyone wants to go for a drink. If you’ve been having frequent bad moods, then it may be that you need/deserve a holiday. Taking time off will have you coming back feeling 10 time better. Believe it or not, the working day really does end and you will soon be back to enjoying yourself.

All moods are temporary!

how do you deal with your moods?

Sofia Geraghty

Sofia Geraghty

Sofia is a blogger living in London. She is Head of digital at parliament street ( a political think tank) and is particulalry passionate about social inequality and personal well-being.


  • hanna says:

    Thanks for the tip! Very helpful –Hanna Lei

    Latest Post: Summer Off the Shoulder Outfit Inspiration

  • Great points, I used to always turn to a food fest after a shit day it wasn’t until I started using affirmations and journaling that I was able to turn my days around! Thanks for sharing these tips xo C

  • Shannon says:

    These are all SO true- now that the weather is nicer out I love to take my break and go on walks, sit in the park and read, etc.

    I think it’s so important to always take your break, too! I had a friend that would work right through lunch every day…she was kind of a type a personality though and a workaholic, but still. I was like get outside- let’s go to lunch!!

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