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holiday night life

The summer is knocking on the door and it’s already time to think about our next holidays.

Do you like the idea to rest in wonderful sandy beaches, enjoy blue clear waters, dance all night-long in open-air clubs and go to sleep only after breakfast? Yes?

So, here come two unusual destinations for the best night life!

First stop: Budapest, Hungary

holiday nightlife

Yes, this capital city is not exactly located on the seaside, but it is crossed by a very famous river, even celebrated by the composer Strauss: the Danube – still really blue as in the waltz we can all recognize after few notes. In fact, music has a leading role in this city, especially during the month of August when youth (coming from every corner of the world) arrive here just to take part into a crazy one week festival called Szieget, where songs and beers are served no-stop from sunset to dawn.
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Next stop: Croatia – Pag Island

holiday nightlife

Croatia is becoming one of the most popular destinations, particularly loved by English and American people. On the Pag Island there is an incredible number of open-air clubs. And – believe it or not – clubs here are free, and running not only during the night, but also during the day! They offer snacks, cocktails, Dj sets, foam and pool parties… If you want to experience the authentic Croatian night life, don’t’ miss the Papaya Club ( and the Aquarius (, both situated in front of a spotless marvellous beach.

Are you eager to discover other spots?

Written by Tamara Tosoni

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  • Clubbing in Croatia for the holidays sounds like a blast. I wouldn’t mind making a trip there for the experience. It sounds like a great adventure waiting to happen.

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