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As you begin to approach your 30s you suddenly start wondering what have I achieved, what have I learnt? Should I be here in life? we say stop panicking! There are however  a few important things to remember when approaching your 30s , here’s our list of some :

Age is just a number

Age is really just a number , it cannot limit the level of success you want to attain or what goals you want to achieve in life. So just remember as you set out to be awesome that you can be awesome at any age!

Focus More

It’s been said that your 20s are your learning years and your 30s are you’re earning years. This is the time to look for something you are very good at, try things out , make mistakes , learn and grow! Once you’ve found whatever it may be that you love, focus on it and become the best at it.

Take Big Risks

People say the older you get, the less risk you should take but I’m of the opinion that hey, if you don’t take daunting risks in your 20s & 30s, are you going to take them in your 40s & 50s? The time is now. Make that move , do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Follow your intuition and stand by your decision

As you approach your 30s, your intuition grows with you. Fine-tune your inner voice and listen to it, you can never go wrong and even if you do, you will learn a better way to understand your gut feeling.

Confidence is the Best Accessory

By the time you clock 30, you would care less about people’s validation. So when you get that sudden rush of “high” when stepping out,  even when you are definitely not high on anything, remember you are wearing the confidence of the 30s.

Invest in Experiences

Buying things are never as fulfilling as you expect. So as you approach 30s, invest in several experiences like helping the less privileged, your family, and visiting your dream holiday destination spot(s). Give back in ways you never imagined; like heading a fund drive for a project. You will find fulfilment because you will always be part of so many success stories.

Take Care of Your Health

Don’t take your good looks or your fit physique for granted. As you get a little older your metabolism slows down (Don’t panic!) Drink more water , try and eat well and look after your skin.

Tracy Oyekanmi

Tracy Oyekanmi

Tracy is a consummate Corporate Communications professional whose interests lie in Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Brand building, Strategy and Planning. She has had notable success with managing PR for various international companies in Nigeria. She loves to write, organize events and cook

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