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Washing your makeup brushes seems to be the task that most girls who wear makeup dread the most. I know I do. It seems to take forever and no matter how much scrubbing you do they never seem clean enough.

Enter the Brush Egg cleaning tools.

These inexpensive cleaning tools make cleaning your makeup brushes super quick and easy! Brush Eggs come in tons of different colours and prices .

Brush Eggs are made of a silicone material and easily fit over fingers to help scrub out deep rooted makeup. When paired with a deep cleaning brush cleaner like this one, stubborn makeup and stains instantly disappear and brushes look brand new!

The Brush Egg can even be used to clean Beauty Blenders and Beauty Sponges


Here are the steps I take to clean my brushes:

  1. First I run my sink water at a lukewarm temperature.
  2. I then take my brushes and soak them wet
  3. Next I pour a decent amount of brush cleaner on them and start working the soap into lather
  4. I then come in with my Brush egg and swirl the brush against the raised bumps
  5. Finally I repeat the steps until the water runs clean of all makeup residue
  6. I then set my brushes on a towel to dry. Sometimes with a fan



You should deep clean your brushes at least once a month. I usually do this on a Saturday where I won’t be doing my makeup all day or night since they need to dry overnight.

Cleaning makeup brushes is especially great for people who suffer from acne and sensitive skin. Bacteria and debris can get lodged into bristles thus causing breakouts and irritation. Also, old makeup can get caked onto bristles which will then get in the way of new makeup from sitting smooth on your face. I can always tell when my brushes need a deep clean because my foundation starts to go on ruddy and my powder looks a bit too cakey.

After cleaning brushes, it is important to dry them either on their sides or upside down. Never dry them sitting upright and avoid getting water into the base where the handle meets the bristles as this can loosen the bristles and cause fallout.

Always wash brand new brushes as well as chemicals, debris, and dirt can get on them in the manufacturing, and shipping process.

Let me know what your favourite makeup cleaning tips are or your favourite products to help speed up the process.

Written by Channing Couture

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