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A retentive memory tends to be something one naturally has, but even if you don’t  you can take steps to create habits that can help you gain one. You may see this as something not so important but as you receive more responsibility at work or in your business it is important you stay on top of your game and that is through having a retentive memory. 

Here is a list of ways to help you develop a retentive memory

#1 Food

Increase your vegetable and fruit intake, as natural sugar contained in fruits helps to stimulate the brain so you can think faster and recall information much quicker.

Examples –  blueberries are especially good at protecting our brains from degeneration and stress. You can view a whole list of vegetables and fruits.

#2 Meditate 

 Meditation has the power to help you concentrate as that is what you do throughout meditation, zoning and relaxing causes your brain to stop processing information which allows you

#3 Exercise

I’m sure this isn’t one many want to hear, however, research has shown that regular exercise can improve memory call. Even something as simple as taking a walk can help you stay mentally sharp. 

#4 Sleep more

 A test was conducted with two sets of participants, they had to memorise some images on a card to test their memory strength. After memorising, one set was told to have a nap for 40 minutes and the other set stayed awake. After the break, the results showed that those who had napped performed better. Thinking of sleeping early tonight? Investing in more sleep and less work.

#5 Structure and organise yourself.

Whether this is something you are studying for or for a simple to do list, have a structured and organised way of grouping them. Researchers say that information is organised in the memory through related clusters. 

#6 Pay extra attention to difficult information 

If you know you are bad with names, when you do ask someone for their name pay extra attention to remembering it. These are important things when it comes to networking.

#7 Reflect on your day 

One thing all successful people do is reflect on their day at the end of it, why? It gives you the opportunity to evaluate what you have achieved and what you could learn. Most importantly it allows you to sit and remember what you may have forgotten and to take note of it.

#8 Drink green tea extract   

There was an experiment conducted by some researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland. The research had two sets of groups, one who were given green tea extract to drink and another whey protein which they assumed was green tea because of the taste.

The results revealed that those who drank the green tea extract performed better on the memory tasks. It’s important to note that the participants were given green tea extracts which would come to about several cups of a normal green tea bags to achieve the same results.

What helps you with retaining information?



Elizabeth is a Brands and Communications specialist with a passion to support females in reaching their full potential.

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