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Even though self-esteem and confidence are unequivocally connected, they are not the same. While self-esteem refers to how we feel about ourselves, confidence is how we feel about performing certain roles or tasks. Both are hard to improve and work on, but not too hard for a determined working lady!

Here are 7 ways to get your confidence back :

#1 Take up a new challenge

This is by far the best advice I can give you. Get out of your comfort zone, do something crazy! Since breaking up with my boyfriend, I hadn’t been on a real date for more than three years. Until few months ago, when I surprised myself by actually going on a date, and there are no words to express the level of nervousness I was feeling. And even though the guy wasn’t for me, I honestly felt invincible. And I still do.

#2 Getting things done

Do it. Make a list of things you need to do – and break them down into smaller activities, then do a bit at the time. Simply do it. No Excuses. Going to the bank to wait for a three hours line? No one wants to do that, but the working lady needs to do these boring tasks -she will her feel more productive and confident.

#3 Expand your creativity!

You might not be an artist, but there is just something about creating things that makes you feel so accomplished. Write a poem about how much you like wine! Buy clay and make an ashtray for your neighbour! Create a mood board of the type of lifestyle you want to live, all you need is creativity.

#4 Expand your interests

How do you make fresh homemade pasta? How do bees make honey? What is the happiest country in the world? How many bones does the human body have? Just get out there, let your curiosity run wild, and learn! And who knows, in a year’s time you might be a homemade past guru.

#5 Change your way of thinking

I used to be the harshest self-critique in the world, beating myself up for every little mistake I made, until I realised: why am I speaking to myself in this way? I started trying to think positive. Just failed at something? Think “I will do better next time. ” Feeling hurt? Think “this will pass. ” Feeling you are not going to succeed at your next task? Think “I will try my goddam best.

#6 Accepting failure

Everyone is good at something, and everyone fails at something at some point in their lives. Accepting that this happens, realising that you are not good at everything, and knowing that you are not alone will help you get your confidence back. Easier said than done, ha?

What about you? What makes you feel more confident?

Written by Laura Maria Verona

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