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We have all been through that ordeal of writing several cover letters, tailoring our CV to different job specs on our search for that perfect job. So much so, that once we have been successfully accepted to take on a job and realise it isn’t for us, we just stay put rather than going through that process again and these words keep ringing in your head “I hate my job”.

You may feel like you are at a dead-end and that every morning is a drag to get ready for work… I have come up with some useful tips on how to deal with a job that you absolutely hate!

1.Consider why you hate your job

Some people resign and move on to new roles only to find out that they still ‘hate’ their job. When you do ask people what they hate about their job the general response is “everything”  It may not actually be the job you hate. You may hate your boss, the long hours you work or your salary but on the other hand you may love the environment and get deep satisfaction from your job. Why not make to list of the things you hate about your job and the things you love about your job. This will help you conclude where change can be made and what the real issues are for you.

2.Look at your alternatives

After analysing what you hate and love about your job you should be in a position to decide wether you want to change job roles or you want the same role but in a new organisation. This is very important to know as you could be going round in circles for a while

3.Lose the fear of losing your job

Having this constant feeling at the back of your head will translate into your work. You are less likely to be productive as you will hesitate with certain business decisions with the fear of being sacked. Always be willing to go above and beyond to show your commitment. Encourage a change to make the job you hate, the job you love.

4.Look for another job.

If my last point does not actually happen and you still hate it, then it’s time to look for another job. Don’t just stay there because you feel no-one else will have you because they will.Many of us will stay in a job for years on end because it acts as a safety blanket.

The task of looking for a new job, writing several cover letters, settling into a new environment, meeting new people is daunting. You may also feel you don’t have the time to find a new job; especially when you come from a tired day at work at a job you hate.

To tackle this problem set yourself goals on how many jobs you can apply for in a week and you will gradually get the momentum going also work on perfecting your cover letter. This will hopefully translate into an interview and a new job.



Elizabeth is a Brands and Communications specialist with a passion to support females in reaching their full potential.

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