Monday Motivation : When you aren’t feeling motivated

Some days you wake up and you want to complete every possible task on your list, there’s also another side of you that wants to do absolutely jack all!

You don’t feel like writing that report , you don’t feel like editing that article, you don’t feel like exercising ! You just feel like throwing the towel in. You’re not lazy and you’re not bipolar, you’re simply just a human being!

Like James clear said:

“There are some days when the most talented people in the world wake up feeling like sluggish lard bombs.”

The most important thing when being in this state is figuring out how to get out of it and what works for you. Below are a list of things that you should try when you aren’t motivated:

Kill the negative thoughts

Sometimes you don’t feel motivated not because you’re tired but there’s something deep down holding you back from achieving whatever task you have set out to do. A negative thought! Is it self doubt? Fear of failure , fear of success. Here’s how to overcome that.

Take a break

When you feel under pressure to do something and you are not motivated, you are likely to feel very tensed! Being tensed can cause a block! We say take a break from what you’re doing , a few hours , days,  it depends on your timeline.

Do what you love

 Is it listening to music? Reading novels? Whatever it is get into it and relax. This takes pressure of you not feeling motivated.

Talk to a trusted friend

For me my friends have a way of reminding me where I am going and why I can’t afford  to give into my feelings of not feeling motivated. They kick me back into shape. Get your squad motivating you!

Just do it

Sometimes there really isn’t any room for the above mentioned tips and you just need to cut to the chase and do it, not because you feel like but because it has to be done.

When you aren’t feeling motivated remember it is a feeling. Feelings come and go, we can’t afford to act based on our feelings so we must continue to press on.

How do you motivate yourself when you are not feeling motivated?



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On a weekly basis we bring you fresh practical content around career, entrepreneurship & lifestyle .



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