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Words have the power to build or destroy, heal or harm, give life or bring death. With a simple phrase a heart can be transformed, a rift can be prevented and a new possibility can be birthed. Quite similarly, a few words can destroy a relationship, offend a nation and kill a dream.

What we choose to communicate with our mouth is a direct translation of our state of mind. Whether false or true, our words indicate the way we process and the impact we desire to have. They are prescriptive of our actions, which are telling of our character. This is why it is so difficult to trust someone who fails to follow through with their word.

So what are you saying?

The words within you…

The words we tell ourselves are some of the most important ones we say. These words manifest in expressions and relationships. In addition, it determines the opportunities we embrace, reject and don’t even pursue. Too often we have talked ourselves out of applying for that job, starting that business, approaching that person and making that move. The shifts that we desire to see in our circumstances begin with a shift in our language. The more we say it before we see it, the more we’ll start to believe it can truly happen for us.

The words about you…

We live in a time where it is commonplace to celebrate yourself. However, there is a fine line between boasting and self-encouragement. When we don’t allow our actions to speak louder than our words, it can take away from the achievement that we worked hard for. It’s the equivalent of writing your own Yelp review. The best kind of praise is given by others, and a good reputation is priceless.

The words said to you…

It is important to be mindful of how we process the words that are said to us. We should always ask ourselves :

“Is what they are saying to me aligning with what I know to be true about me?”

“Are they trying to build me up or are they trying to tear me down?”

Quite simply, accept what is positive and reject what is negative. You may not be in control of what is said to you, but you are in control of how you process it.

The words said by you….

The right words spoken at the right time can change someone’s life – for better or for worse. It is not always easy to crush our egos, extend grace and continuously spill out kindness. However, the more intentional we are with our language, the less likely we are to do damage to others. Our words are either bullets or bricks. It is not always good to speak your mind without careful consideration as to how you are impacting others.

As you think about the power of your words, consider this:

  • Commit to saying one good thing to yourself, a loved one, and a stranger each day. You never know what the potential of the seed you sow with your words will yield.
  • Think about how/when you use the following words…
    • “I am” – This defines who you are. Be mindful of what you claim to be and what that is based on.
    • “I can’t” – This limits what you can do. Try saying what needs to occur in order for your goal to be achieved. (i.e. instead of “I can’t start this business alone” try saying “I can start this business if I work on building the right network”)
  • Is there a situation that can be remedied by your healing words? Is it worth holding back on sharing them?

So what are you saying, and how can you give life today?

Faith Cole

Faith Cole

Formerly known as “Faith Jegede”, the TED-talking, radio-hosting writer quit London for her American adventure back in 2013. New country, new husband, new career and new name - Faith Cole is passionate about extraordinary living, audacious faith and communication.

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