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It is so easy to get lost in routine and feel uninspired with your day-to-day. But! Did you know there is quite a lot that you can learn from your daily grind? Yes, that job that you are already working! So I want you to take some time and evaluate where you are at with your current job and what you want out of your career before you quit your day job.

Let Yourself Grow

As a millennial, I know how it feels to want more! I am always curious as to whats next, or how I can do better. The thing is, sometimes growth happens when we are limited. When we allow ourselves to stay still for awhile and become experts in our current position we can find opportunities we didn’t see before. Sometimes it builds character to remain exactly where you are. If you have considered quitting your day job to “move on” to the next best thing, ask yourself the following questions to help determine if you should take the risk or not.

  1. What am I yet to learn in this position? What challenges have I not faced?
  2. How can I improve my performance in my current job?
  3. Is there an area of the company that I could improve using my talents/abilities? (Seeking out new opportunities could lead to a new role or promotion).

If you are considering moving on, I want you to ask yourself why? You may be able to obtain new skills, and opportunities by remaining in the same company/position. Be creative.

These little tasks will make you a resourceful, optimistic gal and will force you to become an opportunist. These are excellent skills for any entrepreneur to have or for an employer to recognize in you.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Getting Stuck 

I think when we look up and see our friends, family, and colleagues making changes in their career, we feel the need to jump up and make drastic changes as well. You can’t compare your path and career choices to anyone else. Everyone is different and has had various trials.

Don’t feel stuck in your current job, you are learning, growing, and challenging yourself to stick with something long enough to know what you like and dislike about the position. Be happy and humble in your situation.

It’s now or never (wrong!)

Are you spontaneous by switching jobs? Or just simply impulsive? There is nothing wrong with spicing up your life and taking risks in business, but don’t overestimate a well thought out plan. Calculated decisions can bring surprising results. And, planning never hurt anyone.

Before you quit your day job you need to be confident that you have your finances in place, you have other opportunities on your horizon and are making the leap to satisfy your own needs (nobody else’s).

  1. Don’t quit your job and merely hope for the best, or intend on following a tight budget until your next (unknown paycheque). You will set yourself up for disaster if you leave your income to the wind. You have bills to pay, a fridge to fill and probably super cute clothes to buy, so be secure. Don’t leave yourself a grey area where nothing is coming into your bank account.
  2. Don’t quit your day job thinking you are going to find the dream job you’ve been hoping for posted on LinkedIn. Be strategic AF. Keep your eyes on job postings and when they are coming available, plan, and apply in advance.
  3. Don’t quit your day job to prove a point, make someone else happy or for any other reason than to satisfy your own needs. You don’t need to feel pressured by anyone, it is your career, your life, and your decision.

Hustle hard (on the side)

Side hustles are a real thing. So many up and coming entrepreneurs started their business in the few hours they had after their 9-5 job. You could too! Follow your passions, keep your eye on the prize and accomplish as much as you can outside of your regular work hours.

It is 2017, and entire businesses are emerging out of side hustles. Maybe yours could be next? Challenging yourself to keep up your side hustle will give you time management skills, discipline and make you ultra-focused on your goals.

You don’t have to feel limited to only what you do at the office. Expand your mind, get creative, start a blog, YouTube channel, write an ebook, take art classes. Follow your bliss, and your daily grind won’t be so bad after all.

Hannah Russell

Hannah Russell

Hannah is a passion-driven, coffee drinking, art-loving twenty-something. Currently living in London, England, she loves to create content, network and inspire other women. Hannah believes in living the most creative life possible and tries to communicate this motto through her blog. Her future aspirations include a career in Marketing and Communications!

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