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As hard as it is to admit, we all have that person in life that tries to rain on our parade. Whether it’s jealousy or pessimism, everyone has character flaws in life—but if it doesn’t stop even when you ask them to, it’s time to consider going your separate ways. It is important to surround yourself with people who get you, who may not necessarily understand your goals etc but they support you regardless.

Here are 4 common types of peoples that you may need to think twice about:

Ursula the User

This person is someone who only reaches out when they need something from you. Maybe they’re trying to make a new connection in the office, or they know you’re close with someone they’re interested in dating—you’re only on their radar as a matter of convenience. The ‘user’ can make you feel like you’re not important enough to keep as an actual friend; and when someone doesn’t want you in their life, why should you want them?

Nancy Naysayer

For those who are not familiar with the term ‘naysayer’, it is a person who constantly expresses negative and pessimistic views about everything. Having someone so negative in your life can rub off on you, casting gloom and causing you to hold back from exciting steps in life. Life’s too short to not be optimistic and miss out on taking chances! NEXT!

Jealous Jane

Jane is someone who doesn’t seem to want to focus on her own life because she’s too envious of everything you’re doing. Though it may seem nice to have someone lust after your accomplishments, it can cause them to constantly bring you down. Jealous people can turn their feelings into anger by telling you things they don’t mean, which can cause confidence to dwindle.

Moaning Mary

Much like our friend Nancy, a Moaning Mary is someone who just can’t seem to find her bright side. Everything for her seems to take too much effort, therefore resulting in constant complaining. Surrounding yourself with such negativity only pulls you back, leaving you with the option to push forward and say ‘no more’.

Who are the type of people you need to detox from your life?

Charlotte Christy

Charlotte Christy

Charlotte is a recent University graduate who is passionate about the media industry. Based in Buffalo, New York, she is in the process of trying to move to London, U.K. to expand her career path. In the meantime, Charlotte enjoys writing, traveling, and Netflix binging, and has a strong passion for expressing herself creatively through everything from a blog post to a DIY craft.

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