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Getting someone to show you the ropes in certain areas of your life is something we all want.  If you are in the situation where you don’t have a mentor, how do you wade through the tide of life’s issues?

Sometimes the art of mentorship is not only through physical means. You can learn from different people, with skill sets , that appeal to your life’s purpose.

Although they say “experience is the best teacher”,  I consider learning from other people’s experience the greatest of them all.

#1 Read their Books

Books are the breakfast of champions. Whether digital or hard copy print. The process of gaining and retaining knowledge from different people gives you a perspective into their lives and the reasons they take certain decisions.

#2 Spend some time with  elderly people (wait, we have a good explanation for this..)

This might sound very cheesy but the truth is a lot of old people have a lot golden nuggets to share. They just need people around them that will listen and they’ll be more than willing to share their past; triumphs, mistakes and words of wisdom. Such stories could be a source of inspiration to you and no matter how old they are, you’ll find out that their underlying principles are the same.

#3 Be Social

You can be an introvert but extremely social. Seek opportunities to network and meet people. You could end up making lasting friendships that would help you through life. In such gatherings, bouncing off business ideas off total strangers  could be a good sounding board for you to get unbiased and objective opinions about your next big thing. After all, they have nothing to lose by telling you the truth since the sentimental bond has not been formed.
Are there any other ways you have survived without a mentor? Or maybe you don’t believe in one? I’m eager to read your experience in the comments section.

Tracy Oyekanmi

Tracy Oyekanmi

Tracy is a consummate Corporate Communications professional whose interests lie in Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Brand building, Strategy and Planning. She has had notable success with managing PR for various international companies in Nigeria. She loves to write, organize events and cook

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