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Your ‘weekend’ isn’t necessarily Saturday/Sunday but making room for some time to kick back, relax and enjoy life away from work is not only important but will also help to prevent classic ‘burnout’ which doesn’t bode well for productivity. Building a solid career or successful business takes hard graft and lengthy dedication but working round-the-clock doesn’t always mean you’re using your time and capabilities effectively. Periods of time off can be like opening a window – letting clean air flow in and the ‘pollution’ out – purifying the engine that is in your head.

I’m lucky to love the profession I chose to pursue but that’s not to say I don’t need that ‘me time’. I’m acutely aware my mind and body needs regular rest to recharge the batteries, remind myself of all the other important things and people in my life. A good diet is about enjoying food, treats etc in moderation. Apply this to the way you live life and you could find yourself in not only a content place but an efficient one which will provide a platform to flourish in all aspects of what you do, whether that’s anything from delivering an important presentation to formulating a plan for the next big project.

The way you choose to spend your ‘weekend’ is entirely up to you. Pleasurable activities to release tension or relaxing pampering to send your body into a feeling of weightlessness – both ends of the spectrum can serve you well. At the end of the day, it really comes down to a bit of good time management and common sense so get the diary out and schedule in your next break! Read 5 things working ladies should do at the weekend.

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