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5 important things to do in January for a successful year

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We all know that popular quote but very few of us put it into action, don’t worry we are all likely in the same boat. In order to make this year better than the last, we have listed 5  important things to do in January for a successful year.

  1. Create a Vision board for the year

    Visualising what you want your year to look like is the first step to making it a reality. You can either decide to make a digital vision board or a physical one, whatever works for you. This does not have to be for every area of your life but the areas that are really important to you.

  2. Connect & Reconnect

    So the holidays are officially over and it’s time to get back to the grind. whether you are in full-time employment or a business owner, it’s time to reconnect with people that supported you last year or could potentially support you this year. By support, we mean assisting you in career progression, business expansion and the likes. You can reconnect by simply sending them a text/email asking to catch up sometime towards the end of the month. Establishing your connections at the beginning of the year will strategically help you plan how they can assist you in achieving your goals. Also, create a list of people who you haven’t met that you would like to, contact them, schedule meetings and most importantly set yourself reminders. Do this for every month of the year and we can guarantee something successful will come out of it.

  3. Get a mentor

    There are several ways you can get mentorship, it may be through a paid scheme or through someone you really respect and feel has the experience to guide you. Depending on the level of commitment you may need from the mentor, I would say that sometimes there is no need to ask “Can you be my mentor?” just let it naturally happen. You can start with just asking for advice/a bit of their time. Peer to peer mentorship is also great and should not be overlooked!

  4. Prioritise your health

    This is beyond trying to fit into a small pair of jeans and getting your summer body in shape, this is about being mentally and physically healthy for success. Create a list of habits that bring you peace such as meditating or finding activities that help you relax. Schedule these activities into your life each month, take time to eat foods that give you energy and every now and again give your body some exercise.

  5. Invest in yourself

    The only way you are going to increase your value is by investing in yourself. Schedule how you will do this each month, by the end of 2019 you should be more valuable than today. Invest in yourself through books, professional courses (both paid and free) and our events. If you are really looking for a promotion this year, take time to become more valuable to your employer.

What other things do you feel are important to do in January? Let us know in the comments.



Elizabeth is a Brands and Communications specialist with a passion to support females in reaching their full potential.

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