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Being a working lady in this era is not easy. It is rewarding of course, and very satisfying, but let’s be honest: we all have some aspects of ourselves we do not feel confident about! For me personally, I am the kind of person who wouldn’t mind running around the city naked singing a Christmas carol, but at the same time I will be the shyest woman you will ever see when it comes to a date. I am talking about legs shaking, nausea, inability to talk.

Here are 5 things that are most probably damaging your confidence in your every-day life.

#1 Media & other women

Yes, this might sound cliché, but we get influenced by it more than we notice. Besides commercials and movies, also on social media everyone’s life seems perfect. Someone could post a picture of a kiss with their partner, about a promotion at work, or an engagement… but they don’t post about their breakups or getting fired. And that makes us feel like we are the only ones not having our lives together. We need to realise that everyone has shit going on in their lives, even if it doesn’t seem so. Yes, even that gorgeous Instagram model with 200.k followers!

#2 Not knowing how to handle failure

This is a shout-out to the perfectionist working ladies. We all have to fail at some point, it could be the failure of a project at work, failure of a relationship, failure at Zumba class to keep up with the rest of the group. You are a human being. You suck at some things.

#3 Toxic relationships

This is one of the biggest causes of low confidence and low –self-esteem, and one of the hardest to deal with. The relationship with your partner, parents, friends, siblings, could be toxic if you feel rejected, not heard, criticised, not valued or simply being mistreated in general.

#4 Not doing what you love

This is very a simple concept: when we have a job that we do not like, and not much going on in our lives, we feel insignificant. If we do something we love and succeed at, we feel valued, and therefore more confident in our daily life. It could be at work, a hobby, an activity.

#5 Not knowing your moods and yourself

I myself used to go through moods in which I felt confident, beautiful, talented and clever. Other days I would feel so worthless that I wouldn’t want to go to the shop and see strangers. I have now learned that this is my pattern of self-esteem and self-worth, which undoubtedly influences my confidence in doing things. I now have learned to accept this pattern, and I know in my darkest times that everything will pass- which gives me confidence.

And what about you? Any other aspect of your life that could be damaging your and another working lady’s confidence?

 Written by Laura Maria Verona

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