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There is a difference between expectation and hope. Sight produces expectation, but vision produces hope.

The beginning of the year is a special time for all of us. January provides a unique sense of possibility that is rarely experienced in other months. All of sudden,regardless of how deep our disappointments have run, we are gifted with the chance of a new beginning.

A new hope.

For some of us, this is so sorely needed. The last year may have been unkind, and filled with broken relationships, tragic losses and unexpected changes. Hope is our fuel for survival, and our main reason for enduring.

For those who have been blessed with a prolonged season of joy, hope is needed too. We hope to bask in life’s goodness for as long as possible, and the strength for when life’s challenges inevitably come our way.

The problem with hope is that it exists outside of what we can see. We are forced to have a vision beyond our circumstances, and dreams higher than our immediate reach. There is nothing reasonable about having hope. It takes all that we know into consideration, and believes in the impossible anyway.

So, what are you hoping for?

Have you taken the risk to be vulnerable, and ask yourself what you truly desire in life this year?

As you search for new hope in 2016, consider this:

  • In order to grab onto the hope of the future, be prepared to let go of the reality of the past.
  • Although you are stuck with yourself, you are not stuck with your circumstance. As long as you have life, you have hope. Anything can happen.
  • Hope without action leads to discontentment. Be courageous and make moves towards the vision you have.
  • Surround yourself with hopeful people who can encourage you through your journey.
  • There is always the risk that what you’re hoping for will not come out exactly how you imagine. Trust the process anyway, and remember you can always hope again.

Why not download the FWL goal sheet to help you start your 2016, click here AND why not create a vision board of what you want in 2016? Click here to read more about them 🙂 


Happy New Hope! 

Written by Faith Cole

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