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In order to make your resume standout it would be great to speak another language, asides from this it can be fun and it will definitely give you a bit of an edge!

Here are some tips for learning a new language, let me know how it goes!


Reading and writing often isn’t enough when learning a new language. You need your brain and tongue to get used to the sound. So take every opportunity you have to speak out loud, even if it’s just to yourself! Many apps, such as HelloTalk, can hook you up with a language exchange partner. Or even check out local listings online to see if anyone in the area wants to practice their language skills with you!


Everyone has a different style of learning, which means that not all methods will work for everyone. Find out which method works for you and use it. Are you a visual learner who does well with flash cards? Or do things stick in your head more when you hear them? Discovering what works for you will help you save time and use the time you do have in a more efficient manner.


Becoming fluent in a language can take years. When you’re first starting out, don’t beat yourself up for not being able to memorize every single word in every single section of the textbook. Instead, start off with the words and grammar rules that you think would be the most useful for your. For instance, if you’re learning a language for business purposes, focus on vocabulary that you would need in a meeting or office setting. Your vocabulary will expand later as you read, speak, and study more.

Have your learnt any new languages recently? If so, what helped you? I’d love to know!

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