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I’ll be the first to admit it, when I get a sudden drive of ambition “wine and giggles with the bestie” falls rapidly down my to-do list. In this respect, the road to being a girl boss can be a pretty lonely one. With one goal in mind, anything that we think will distract us from that goal can often get left behind.

How many relationships (both romantic and otherwise) have crumbled due to one person wanting to ‘focus on work’?

The problem here however, is that we often draw too much of a line between work and play. We make time for activities we think will help us to be successful, when in reality we can’t always know what will help us get there. Sure, 10 shots of tequila has never helped anyone in their quest to becoming a  girl boss.

However learning to build rapport with people, making others laugh, noticing when someone’s down, maintaining relationships – all these skills are crucial to being successful.

Here are 5 ways to be a girl boss and still have a social life:

1) Make social occasions a priority  

The first step to being a girl boss and still having a social life then, is realising the value of having one. Whilst we may have to drag ourselves to a meeting with a friend after a busy day at work, once we are actually there we often will find ourselves happier, more relaxed, refreshed and more ready to take on the world.

The road to success is a long and testing one. We require breaks and a little bit of fun if we are to avoid giving up, becoming exhausted or having a complete breakdown. If you can make time to go to the gym to look after your body, then you can certainly make time to keep your mind healthy too.

2) Make un-sociable events sociable

Sociable activities don’t have to be refined to going to a bar or going out for dinner, you can be more sociable simply by adding people to whatever else is going on in your life.

If you run your own side business, why not ask a good friend over and pass your ideas by them. It may be that there is a massive hole in your plans, or perhaps your friend (depending on what they do) will be able to offer some expert advice. A fresh pair of eyes is always a good thing. If you go to the gym a lot, why not ask a friend along or make friends with people you already half know there. If they are as competitive as you, it might actually help you reach your fitness goals.

3) Choose social activities that help you achieve your goal

So the majority of people I’ve met who are successful tend to be pretty positive, popular and confident people. Improving your career prospects outside of work doesn’t have to mean doing a qualification, there’s a whole host of skills you can gain outside the office.

Public speaking for one is a fantastic skill to have. By joining a Toastmasters club, or a debating society, you can improve your public speaking and also make new friends. Similarly by doing something you may have never tried before (e.g rock climbing), you will learn how to cope when you are out of your comfort zone and gain lots of confidence when you eventually make progress.

4) Avoid going to boozy social events too often

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to a glass of wine (or two) at the end of the day, it can be a great stress relief. However going out and getting really drunk regularly can really detract from your girl boss aims.

If you are anything like me and get hangovers that make you want to curl up in bed all day eating and watching Disney films, then regular boozy social events aren’t going to help you be successful. If you want to be the best, it’s important to realise you are the best and that means looking after yourself.

If a lot of your close friends are still going out, drinking a lot and asking you to do the same, then politely tell them you want to focus on work now but will happily do something else with them (cinema, film night etc). If they are a true friend they’ll be more fussed about spending time with you than having a drinking buddy.

5) Make your lunch sociable

Remember how much you used to look forward to lunchtime when you were a kid? How the second the bell would ring you would run out the classroom, find your friends, chat over a packet of Hula Hoops, then run around for an hour? Now think about how your 8 year old self would feel if they could see you now, spending your lunch working, whilst sadly spooning cold Tesco pasta into your mouth.

Legally, employers have to give you some kind of lunch break, so don’t spend it slumped over your desk like a saddo. Look forward to your lunch break, go eat with your colleagues, talk about things other than work. Laugh, smile and come back to your desk less of a zombie than you were when you left it.

Sofia Geraghty

Sofia Geraghty

Sofia is a blogger living in London. She is Head of digital at parliament street ( a political think tank) and is particulalry passionate about social inequality and personal well-being.

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